<![CDATA[Agenția de Dezvoltare Regională Găgăuzia]]> http://www.adrgagauzia.md/ 06.06.2020 en http://www.adrgagauzia.md/ Copyright (c) 2020 http://www.adrgagauzia.md/Urban Development – Urban Revitalization approach <![CDATA[Urban Development – Urban Revitalization approach // Urban Revitalization Program]]> http://www.adrgagauzia.md/libview.php?l=en&idc=770&id=3830&t=/Urban-Revitalization-Program/Urban-Development-Urban-Revitalization-approach/ Urban Development is one of our activity directions, achieved by the Urban Revitalization approach applied in many cities from Moldova. The main idea is to positively transform those parts of the cities that are in a critical situation and need social, architectural and economical changes. Urban Revitalization is about people, community, public spaces, infrastructure and innovation. The Urban Revitalization process takes place in a complex manner, with territorially integrated1 actions and is carried on by the local administrations through efficient local, regional ]]> 02.09.2019 09:59